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BOSTON @CreshFest   22nd February 2020

Global Arts Live

A Vocalist from Assam on a musical journey pinning her state's culture on the world map.

Immi – An Assamese vocalist on a mission to put the culture of her beloved state, Assam, on the world map through her music.
Born in Goalpara and now settled in Boston, Immi, started her training in Indian classical music under the guidance of Gurus, Ustads and Pandits of different Gharanas since she was just 6 years old. Carrying her love for music across the seas, Immi moved to the United States where she realized the need of bringing the glorious Assamese music and culture at the forefront of a global audience. Collaborating with local accomplished musicians of Boston, Immi formed her band "Immi and the Mahoots", Mahoots meaning elephant riders - a significant aspect of Assamese history and culture.
With her band, Immi attempts to bring forward the original essence of Assamese music with the right combination of Country, Rock and Jazz music in front of the Western Audience.
Immi and her band wowed the audience with their first performance at Dorchester Art Project and there has been no looking back for the passionate musicians since then. Immi and the Mahoots were then invited to perform at Somerville and Brookline, Massachusetts. A sensational hit among the music lovers of the US's New England region, the band has also been invited to Crash Fest 2020 - one of the most prestigious global music festivals held by The Global Arts Live, featuring accomplished artists from across the world.

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